About us

About Us:

Founded in 2004, Annatel has set as its goal to provide customized telecommunication solutions to the French and English speaking Israeli population. Annatel's mission: to facilitate constant innovations for the benefit of the French/English speaking people in Israel, placing the customer's needs as the main focus by proposing, in particular, a multi-lingual service from A to Z; the website, invoices, customer service, sales, etc.

The founders initially succeeded in anticipating and meeting the needs of the French community living and visiting in Israel and then expanded their services to Belgium and Switzerland. 

In 2010, Annatel became the first company to launch the use of a Virtual Number (also known as DID - Direct Inward Dial numbers). The customer was assigned a foreign local phone number that forwarded to their Israeli phone number, which allowed them to receive calls from their contacts in other countries with no long distance bills. The idea was developed in order to provide a unique and quality service that would enable its customers to lower the costs of staying in touch with their family and friends abroad.This service revolutionized the mobile phone delivery of services for Olim in Israel.

Annatel is constantly expanding its range of telecommunication services in order to stay up to date with the needs of their growing customer base. During that initial period, the French mobile unlimited package provided a service that no other company offered; it became the only true unlimited package with unlimited calls to both landlines and mobiles, in Israel and to France.

For over 10 years, the company's passion for innovation and dedication to their customers has made Annatel a valuable and trusted partner of the French community in Israel.

After revolutionizing the French-speaking community's mobile market, the company launched in 2015 an English speaking division, with an initial customer base originating from the United States and Canada. With its strong background in customer service and Annatel's dedication to maintaining convenient communication within Israel and abroad, the company decided to leverage its success in the French market and expand to the English speaking market. Annatel now offers English speaking services from A to Z; its website, invoices, customer service, sales, etc.