How do I get Annatext?

The app is available for download from Google play or the App Store.


How do I use Annatext?

You need to download it first.

Then open it and register using your Israeli Annatel phone number.

Follow the steps and be ready to text like a local.

This app only works for current Annatel customers.


How do I send a message?

Click on the top right icon to compose

Enter your contact's name or a USA phone number in any of the following formats:

-          Beginning with the area code (i.e 6468446565)

-          Beginning with 1 (i.e 16468446565)

-          Beginning with +1 (i.e +16468446565)

-          Beginning with 00 (i.e 0016468446565)

The app will automatically convert any of these formats to the international format (+16468446565)


For any other question you can email us at

Download Annatext on Google Play
Download Annatext from App Store